Monday, 27 June 2011

Closed Door

Nothing really prepares you for a sudden attack. You can be as brave, as I-can-take-the-world-on-anytime sort of a person but nothing will prepare you for a man grabbing your hand, putting you inside the car, locking the doors and rolling up the windows. It's like someone has hit you hard in the gut and you can feel the numbness of that hit seeping in your veins, deadening the organs which come in its path. And it's slow. Everything just becomes too slow for your to comprehend. The magnitude of the situation hits you 10 times in one second. Slowly, accurately, and disastrously. And yet you feel the paralysis creeping in your limbs. Your brain struggling to shut down and give up and yet human instincts coaxing it to stay alert and find a way out.

Those 30 seconds with that man in the car felt nothing less than 30 minutes of being closed in a coffin with no air-hole. Breath came much later, heart regained its normal pace after what felt like an eternity.

It's shameful if it you get this done to you by a fellow human being. Its a disgrace to the apparently civilised society. It's flouting the basic rules of independence and human dignity. And more than anything, it is a disappointment for someone who believes that there is good in everybody.